The Parable Project

The Parable Project

Songs / Album

Our vision for this project is to feature a Contemporary Worship Album of 12 GREAT songs all based around the parables Jesus taught. These songs are not meant to be specials that are sung once around the sermon, however songs that will become staples within the church. Jesus taught through the use of these Parables and they need to be transformed in to songs that can be remembered and sung throughout the body of Christ.  

Update 7.4.2017

After nearly four years,We are excited to announce that we have recently partnered with a very influential name and production company in the Worship industry to produce The Parable Project in April of 2017 and we have 7 of 12 songs needed for the project. All songs will be tracked to tape and one song will be recorded and released as a teaser this fall. 6 of the 12 songs will be sung by known names in the industry and the other six will be performed by up and coming "indie" artists. We are not at liberty at this point to share the names of the artists that have committed or the production company we are partnering with, however you will know them and all are HIGHLY respected within the industry. We will be sending out an update in the next two weeks with the names of committed partners and artists.  



We are looking to take the essence of the parables and create relevant and modern Praise and Worship songs that the church body will embrace for decades to come. Our prayer is that these songs created around the parables will accompany and help to unveil the parables alongside sermon series that churches and pastors are teaching about these lessons that Jesus imparted through His word. This initial project will have 12 songs selected for production.