"There is More" (Acoustic Demo) / by Chip Connor

For years I have wanted and searched in my heart for more of God and known that there is so much more of Him than I have known and experienced before. This has been sporadic at best to be truthful. As we all do however, I have gone through seasons of drought, valleys and obstacles, and to be completely truthful personal selfishness that have distracted and detered me from pursing Him with all my heart. Chris McClarney's New Album's title sums it up best, "Everything and Nothing Less." I have not given God my Everything and Nothing Less. That changed a week ago. God's love did away with the old man I once was and created a completely new creature, sold out and desperate for the things of God. God, there is more of you, and I want it!

Have you ever seen a movie or TV show where someone is trapped beneath a sheet of ice thin enough to see what lies above. I have often envisioned that picture as the way I see God and His Kingdom. I have tasted and seen the things of God. I have felt His all consuming Fire and its warmth. But there are times, more often than I care to admit that I have felt like I was trapped underneath that thin sheet of ice looking up on the wide expanse of all that God is and if I were only to breakthrough, then I would be able to experience MORE OF HIM. I just had to breakthrough! 

Based around that very idea,"There is More" is a worship song that prompts us to break through beyond what we have seen and experienced of God and cry out for more, so much more of Him. Several weeks ago God allowed and Humbled me to be able to cowrite with Drew Ley, a Phenomenal young Worship artist and writer I had met this past Spring at the Kingdom Songs Songwriting Retreat In Franklin, TN. I shared with him the lyrics I had written for the song and the concept and the Holy Spirit took over. Drew cranked out this beautiful melody and arrangement in what seemed like seconds. It was one of the most amazing cowrites I have ever been a part of. All God for sure. The following is a simple demo of what God breathed into us that night. 

"There is More"

Vs. 1

We've Tasted and We've Seen

The Wonders of Your Name

Your all Consuming Fire, Lord we have Felt its Flame

Lord we have Felt Its Flame

Oh God, Take us Deeper Still, Take Us Deeper Still, Take Us Deeper Still


Into Your Mystery, Into Your Hiding Place

There is More, So Much More of You

Take us Beyond the Veil, Where Only You may Dwell

We Want More of You, So Much More of You

Vs. 2

Looking up From Beneath, The Surface needs to Break

What Lies above Hold all, Your Glory and Your Fame

Oh God, Draw Us Nearer Still, Draw Us Nearer Still, Draw Us Nearer Still


Our Hearts Desire, Our Only Prayer

Is More of You, Is More of You (Repeat)

More of You, Take Me

Words & Music By: Chip Connor & Drew Ley

© 2015 A Thousand Hills Music, LLC

There is More is a beautiful prayer for the church and will be recorded and fully arranged in a future project from A Thousand Hills Music. www.athousandhillsmusic.com Our Prayer is that this song helps you breakthrough the surface into His Mystery, Into His Hiding Place, and experience the so much more of all that God is.