New Release "BattleCry" By: Aaron Lee / by Chip Connor

I wish I had the words to tell you how excited I am to share this new song release from my worship pastor, friend, and writing partner Aaron Lee. I have been blessed to know and call Aaron a friend for over four years now and his talent has grown exponentially in that very short time. Aaron has always been a highly gifted vocalist, and had the heart of worship leader, but what I have seen grow steadily is the depth and quality of the songs God is entrusting to him. "BattleCry" is by far the best song he has written to date and when I first heard it, I was truthfully blown away, as this is definitely a next level for him as a song receiver. Once I heard it for the first time, I texted him and told him that the next time he gets a song like this, he better give me a call for a cowrite, because I want in on that. Man he landed a whale of a truly great worship song that is from his heart. Anyone who has the pleasure of knowing Aaron knows that he wears his heart on his sleeve and His love for Christ is evident just by being around him for just a few minutes. Aaron is as genuine as they come and this song is a genuine prayer from His heart to His God.

Aaron Lee

Aaron wrote this song during a season of anxiety and is a beautiful testament to our need for God and His strength during our trials and the Victory that He has provided for us as His children. The following is a video story behind the song and the lyric video for "BattleCry" :

As a friend and fellow worship writer, I am so proud of this young man and the gift God has given him and this song is only a glimpse of what is inside of this incredible artist. As someone who has also suffered from the grips of anxiety I know the place Aaron was in crying out to God in the midst of a sea of fear. My prayer is that this song reaches the worldwide church and that a BattleCry will truly be heard throughout the heaves and the earth as a reminder of the Victory we have in Christ and that the Victory is truly His. Great job Brother! Great job!