God's Spotlight on Aaron Lee / by Chip Connor

I am incredibly pleased to introduce in this week's spotlight my good friend, co receiver, and Worship Pastor, Aaron Lee and his Debut song "No Other God's." Before I begin to go into detail, I have to say that Aaron was there for me at the very worst part of the greatest trial of my life and for that I am eternally grateful to him and for his friendship. Arron is the real deal I can assure! His love for Christ exudes from him and his passion for worship and leading and ushering in the presence of God and the Holy Spirit is evident as a member of Okolona Christian Church here in Louisville, KY, and to those who listen to the music God has entrusted to him. Aaron's music is reflective of his personality in that it is consumed with a passion for the body of Christ to come together in worship and praise of our God and King. 


Growing up in a small town in Southwestern Virginia, Aaron found Jesus and decided to commit his life to serving Him in full time ministry. After graduating from Kentucky Christian University in 2008 with a Contemporary Worship/Biblical Studies degree, Aaron and his wife Jerrica moved to Louisville, KY where he is currently the Worship Minister at Okolona Christian Church. 

Aaron's passion is to see the children of God come into a real and authentic relationship with their creator through a lifestyle of worship - not only in corporate worship, but every aspect of their lives. 

As a songwriter and worship leader, Aaron wants to use music to help encourage this vision by creating an environment where the Holy Spirit can transform all worshipers into more of the likeness of Christ.


“Not too long ago, I was studying through the Old Testament and felt led to spend some time on the Ten Commandments in Exodus 20.  Like any other kid brought up in church, I had heard them numerous times but never really understood the weight and importance of why God gave them to us.  As my understanding and walk with Jesus matured and grew, I come realize two powerful factors about those commandments. 1.) They simply and powerfully support Jesus’ words in Matthew 22:37-39, “love the Lord your God, with all your heart…Love your neighbor as yourself.”

But the second factor was that God is a jealous god. He wants nothing to be in competition with Him. When the Holy Spirit revealed that to me, it was humbling.  I realized that what God was saying wasn’t “hey make me the first one you worship.” No, he was saying “I AM first! There should be nothing else in competition for your worship.” 

That was incredbily powerful for me. So I took to my journal and began writing the song “No Other Gods.” The first line that ever touched the page was “No Other Gods will claim your throne.” I believe that with all my heart. God’s might and power has no competition. He alone deserves our worship. It’s what we were created for. 

“I’m so blessed to be a part of an amazing worship ministry at OCC. After prayerful prompting we felt the conviction to move to a completely original worship song church, where all of our music is written and produced in-house.  We believe that because we were created in the image of God, we are in turn created to create. 

Over the past year, we have established a songwriting ministry that has a two part function 1.) lyrical team that writes and develops the skeleton of a God breathed worship song and 2.) a musical arranging team that takes that skeleton and begins to adding all the layers and skin to make a beautiful worship song to our creator God." 

In the course of the past two years I have been humbled to work and receive with Arron a good number of songs we are working on for our church as well as for another project we are working on. In working with Aaron I see a maturity that is well beyond his years and most importantly a heart that is shown in the songs that God is entrusting to him. I can assure you that this only scratches the surface of what is yet to come from Aaron in the future. 

Soli Deo Gloria!