God's SpotLight: Micah Kersh, "How Lovely Your Grace" / by Chip Connor

A Thousand Hills Music is humbled to feature Micah Kersh in our first Spotlight. Micah is a new Worship Leader and Songwriter friend to A Thousand Hills Music, and recently won PraiseCharts.com's SongQuest with his song "How Lovely Your Grace." Micah has been serving  as the Worship Pastor and an Elder at Henderson Hills Baptist Church in Edmond, OK for the past 6 and 1/2 years .

"Outside of loving and leading his family, My greatest passion and joy is leading the church to worship, and I've been honored to serve in that role for the last 16 years. As far as ministry, I am first a pastor and feel the weight of pastoring the flock God has entrusted to me.  God has giving me some musical gifts as a tool to help pastor people.  Over the years, song-writing has been a small part in my life but over the last couple years I've had a great longing to write songs for the fellowship of believers I worships with, and do life with every week.  I had the great privilege to record my first album that released in February of this year.  It has been amazing to see how God has used some of these songs to encourage my own church and other believers."

The Story Behind the Song: "How Lovely Your Grace" "This song was written as our church was going through a series on prayer.  The Lord brought me to Hebrews 4:16.  I began to be overwhelmed with the beauty of God’s grace.  This Grace is not only to save us, and prepare a home in glory for us, but it is God’s grace that puts breath in our lungs and provides any good in our lives.  This grace is also the means in which we approach a holy God.  We are completely unworthy of being in His presence, however, through the grace we have been given in Jesus Christ and His death and resurrection we are able to approach our God with confidence and receive mercy and help in our time of need. Praise God!" You can listen and download a copy of this song below. 

We recently asked Micah about what God was doing at his Church Body and within the Worship Ministry there. "Just like in all things there are pendulum shifts that happen.  I think we see that in worship ministry, and I believe we are in a great trajectory right now that I pray will only continue.  There is a greater desire among younger believers to sing songs that are centered around God, the gospel and solid doctrine.  Quality still matters, but the priority has shifted off of style and been placed on content.  So church’s are singing more of the great hymns written years ago and song-writers today are writing new songs with a desire to teach sound doctrine.  More songs are being sung in the church that are centered on the truth of God as apposed to being centered on how we feel about God.  This is so encouraging.  When I speak about worship a verse I always use is Col.3:16 which says, “Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly, teaching and admonishing one another, singing Psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs.”  As worship pastors, we have the privilege of using music as a tool to put the truth of God’s Word on the lips of our people. What an amazing blessing this is."

We at A Thousand Hills Music want to wish Micah and his ministry the very best and again are honored to Spotlight what God has entrusted to him. The future is bright for our new friend.