ATH's Featured Artist & Song: Derick Thomas, "Joy" / by Chip Connor

The first time I had the pleasure of speaking with Derick Thomas was about a year and a half ago when I was looking to cowrite with someone for a song called "Beholding the King" for our upcoming Album. This was the first Skype writing session I had tried and I was truthfully a little nervous. Within about a millisecond of starting, I was at ease as this joyous, genuine, infectious smile engulfed the screen. Derick Thomas is the real deal y'all (as we say down here in KY.) Beyond being an incredibly accomplished songwriter, Derick is as kind and beautiful a man as you will ever meet. Talent drips from him and he see angles in songwriting that most don't. To say that I have written with him is one of the highlights of my nearly two decades of writing. The writing session we had was a beautifully orchestrated whirlwind as ideas popped and flowed from the both of us and in the end, "Beholding the King" is easily one of my favorite lyrics I have ever been a part of receiving. 

Derick Thomas

As a Dove-Award Nominated songwriter Derick W Thomas has written many songs that have been featured on various Grammy, Stellar and Dove Award winning CD's including the platinum selling WoW Worship series, Songs 4 Worship series for Kids and Adults and various others. He has written many popular songs such as New Season, Latter Will Be Greater, My Life Belongs to You, No Limits, and Enlarge My Territory.

For more then 20 years he served as the Minister of Fine Arts at Cornerstone Church in Toledo Ohio. He is a Worship Leader, Songwriter formerly withEmiCmg, Recording Artist, Producer and CEO of Sound of the House. Derick has a great desire to see Churches writing and celebrating the preached word in their house through song.

After a brief hiatus, Peace on Earth is his entrance back into the market as a singer, songwriter, producer as once again he provides the local church with great singable holiday music as he campaigns for  peace during this season. This album is easy to sing, easy to play for the average volunteer church praise team and sure to be a welcome addition to church lineups everywhere. The album drops December 1 and is now available on

Peace on Earth

Song: Joy feat. Laura Earl and Jill Thomas

Written to proclaim the salvation of our Lord. As we celebrate the joys of the season lets not forget to tell the world why He came.

I know that the world has only seen a glimpse of what Derick has to offer and that the best of his work is yet to come. I am proud to call Derick a friend and brother and truly can't wait for that next Skype session. Make sure you take the time to check Derick's music out, it's well worth your time.