ATH's Featured Artist and Song: Stephen McWhirter "God that Saves" / by Chip Connor

I am incredibly excited this week to feature our new friend Stephen McWhirter and his song "God that Saves." Stephen is from Louisville and is making big waves both here and nationally with his new song as you will see in the below 700 club feature. I was recently introduced to Stephen by Justin Mosteller of the band Carrollton and he told me that Stephen is a guy that we definitely want to connect with as his ministry is really taking off and most importantly for his heart for the Lord and the testimony of his life as it shows in what God is entrusting to him. Stephen is a Christian Worship Leader / singer-songwriter for Iron Bell Music and will be a part of Iron Bell Music's National release in January 2015 titled "Adoring God."

The Story behind the Song "God that Saves": The following is an incredible story from the 700 Club which ran earlier this year that tells both Stephen's testimony and the story of the song and his ministry. 

As seen on the 700 Club story, below is the full official video for Stephen's song "God that Saves." You will want to hear this!

When I first heard this song I was moved to tears, as our God is truly a God who saves, redeems, restores, and delivers; and when I saw Stephen's testimony, I was even more moved by his raw transparency in what God had saved and delivered him from. It is a true blessing to share a song that testifies to the transforming and restoring power of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. Our God is a God that Saves! Man, we look forward to hearing more of what God is breathing into Stephen's ministry and if this song is an indication of what is yet to come, be prepared to be moved. A Thousand Hills Music is humbled and blessed to call Stephen a friend.